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Are you the right therapist for me?


I provide a brief initial phone consultation at no charge, which may give you a sense of if we would work well together. Some people opt to call several therapists to find someone they feel comfortable talking with. I suggest you to do this to get a better basis of comparison.

If you think we’re a good fit, I’ll encourage you to come in for a face-to-face assessment. Clients who feel somewhat at ease, or have enough of a positive experience in the first meeting often opt to continue in treatment.  It may take a few sessions before a person can fully know if they wish to continue. Like any new relationship, the passing of some amount of time will help determine how to proceed.

Having a good working relationship is critical in being able to talk about troubling thoughts and strong feelings; in fact, research shows that finding the right match between client and therapist is imperative for a successful outcome.

However, this should not be confused with being expected to feel comfortable immediately.  Seeking help and talking about difficulties with a relative stranger may initially feel intimidating or scary. Sometimes people feel a little worse before they feel better. This is normal and usually a sign that we are making progress.

The therapeutic relationship is a relationship based on truth and honesty, and if the client decides that it is not a good fit and the therapy is not working, I am happy to assist the client in finding them another therapist who might be a better fit.




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