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What kinds of problems do you treat?

Psychotherapy is effective in treating many problems.  Emotional relief is found by deepening a person's understanding of what may be contributing to his or her difficulties and ineffective behaviors. Click here to learn how therapy works.

The insight that people gain from this process often improves the quality of all of their relationships and their ability to cope with their own lives.

Life Transitions: the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, changes in career, a relocation, or significant life changes.
Relationship Conflicts: between couples or between parents and grown children, siblings, or business partners; the aftermath of affairs.
Work Problems: getting fired, finding a new job, the stress of a promotion, conflict with a difficult boss, considering a new career.
Longstanding Difficulties: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, troubling patterns in relationships, loneliness, trauma and abuse, or general dissatisfaction with life.
Health Challenges:  sudden onset of a life-threatening illness or coping with chronic medical conditions

Even if you do not see your particular condition or circumstance listed above, I encourage you to give me a call to discuss your needs and goals.





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