Patricia Penn, PhD, LCSW - Psychotherapy
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Therapy and Serious Illnesses

I have a specialty in working with people diagnosed with a serious illness or medical diagnosis.  As a 16 year survivor of breast cancer myself, I bring a level of compassion and empathy to my clinical expertise that informs the work that I do with cancer survivors.

For the past 14 years I have worked with women encountering the emotional, mental and physical ramifications of a cancer diagnosis by leading breast cancer support groups for women newly diagnosed and living with breast cancer.  Click here to learn about this group.

In my work with cancer survivors, I have noticed that as women’s bodies are treated for breast cancer, they often fail to feel healed from the illness. So often cancer survivors are confronted with the split between what doctors, culture, and family deem reality ("You are fine now") and you know what to be true ("I have endured dramatic changes and I am not sure what to do now, or what is in store for my future").

When you first learn you have cancer, there is much work to be done – chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. Sometimes, the emotional impact gets overlooked.  Many women feel totally alone when picking up the pieces.  

Sexuality and body image concerns are hard to talk about, and the experience of having cancer elicits a host of thoughts and feelings that are unique for every woman.  As a psychotherapist, I am committed to providing an accepting, thoughtful, supportive and open environment to discuss whatever concerns you about this process.




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