Patricia Penn, PhD, LCSW - Psychotherapy
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How does therapy work?

Many years of experience have taught me that the combination of psychological insight and behavioral change are necessary to make a difference in the two most important areas of life: relationships and work.

My style is collaborative, interactive, pragmatic and respectful.  I help individuals to increase self-awareness and develop satisfying personal relationships, make healthy decisions and gain a greater sense of control over their lives.

I have a broad knowledge of various psychological theories but my work with adults and couples is predominantly called psychodynamic therapy. Click here to learn more about psychodynamic therapy. By focusing on understanding one's past we can learn from and transform present behaviors, beliefs and responses to others.

Without insight and change, we tend to repeat the same self-defeating behaviors. I also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing distorted thoughts and beliefs that lead to depressed and anxious feelings.

Typically, we meet once a week for fifty minutes each time. When we first start treatment, I’ll want to know more about why you decided to seek therapy. Because I want to understand the context of your situation, we may spend time talking about your childhood, relationships, goals, strengths and vulnerabilities. Together, we’ll decide how to best address your concerns that brought you to therapy.


How long does therapy last?
The more recent or isolated an issue, the more likely it can be improved or resolved in a relatively short period of time.  The longer a problem or condition has lasted, the more likely it will take time to heal or resolve.

I have expertise in both brief, solution-focused methods, as well as long-term psychotherapy.  A discussion of your current situation and goals is always a key component of developing a tailored approach to fit your particular needs.


What about medications?
I do not prescribe psychiatric medications but I have a strong working knowledge of them, and I work closely with prescribing physicians and psychiatrists as a normal part of coordinating a client's treatment.  I can provide referrals for an initial medication evaluation if we both feel this would be necessary or helpful.





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