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Fees and Insurance

Therapy is an investment in your own well-being.

My fee for a 50 minutes psychotherapy session is comparable to rates of doctoral level psychotherapists in this area.

Unless we make specific arrangements, payment by check, cash or credit card is expected at each session. I am able to accept Visa and MasterCard.

I do offer a few reduced fee time slots, based on availability and income. These reduced fee appointments are only available during weekday mornings and afternoons. Evening and weekend appointments require full fees.
My policy on insurance companies:
I once belonged to several preferred provider insurance panels but have since resigned because I felt that they were preventing my clients from getting the treatment they deserved and compromised my client’s privacy.

I do not deal directly with insurance companies for the following reasons:

I feel strongly about protecting your confidentiality and privacy rights. When insurance pays for your therapy, I cannot guarantee that your personal information will remain private.  Many clients put a greater value on their privacy than using their insurance.

I also object to labeling you with a clinical diagnosis that becomes part of your personal record. I object to the “paper trail” this creates about my clients. Most insurance companies require a diagnosis, dates of service, and some require a comprehensive assessment of your distress or illnesses and regular progress reports.  Most insurance companies will only pay for serious diagnoses such as depression or anxiety, and most do not cover marriage counseling.

I am unwilling to allow insurance companies to determine the course, type and duration of your therapy.  This is confidential, and is between you and me. I prefer to work directly with you around payment and to discuss options that may accommodate your needs.  If weekly therapy is too expensive for you, one option might be to set up a bi-monthly schedule, taking into consideration your needs and the nature of your issues.

Some PPO insurance plans do offer insurance reimbursement for "out of network" providers. Of my clients who submit their monthly billing statements to their insurance company, most are able to receive some reimbursement. I encourage you to call your insurance representative to enquire about your policy regarding seeing a therapist for “Out Patient Therapy" who is "Out of Network".  While I am not affiliated with many insurance companies for the reasons stated above, you may still be able to receive reimbursement.  If you plan to use insurance, it is important to call your carrier, before you begin therapy, to acquaint yourself with their policies and procedures.





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