Patricia Penn, PhD, LCSW - Psychotherapy
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Can therapy help me?

People seek psychotherapy when they have a strong sense that their lives are not in order. 
Some have trouble in relationships. Others have difficulty in their professional lives. Some see themselves repeating unsuccessful patterns in love, work and friendships. Perhaps there has been a loss.  They have an awareness that their lives could be different.

People come into therapy knowing some of these things and wanting to change but needing a place to explore and make these changes.
They fear becoming a burden to friends or family. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit what they are thinking or feeling. Others may seek a compassionate listener who has training and expertise in new ways of coping. Ultimately, such exploration can and often does lead to productive change and a happier, healthier lives.

Treatment helps us to feel more confident, happier, have more fulfilling relationships, and brings a sense of hope for the future. 





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